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My desire is to continually bless you with the words that God gives to me

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Lake of the Swans

Lake of the Swans

Cost $8.99

Be reminded of the importance of close family ties as you read about Jimmy, an elderly man who lives in the small town of Willingboro, New Jersey, and his dog, Pete. Willingboro is filled with the wonders of nature, and Jimmy loves the outdoors. One day, he comes across what “was probably the most romantic scene, in nature, Jimmy had ever witnessed!” Along with that surprise comes an even greater surprise! Then, Jimmy asks for a miracle and experiences the most beautiful night ever! Come along this fantastic journey with Jimmy and Pete! Dr. Dowdy artistically weaves the memories of her loved ones into this beautiful story about Willingboro.

Out of Her Belly: A Collection of Poems Through the Years

Out of Her Belly

Cost $6.99

Is your mind filled with questions and your heart filled with love? Dr. Dowdy shares her heart and soul about many of life’s issues through poetry. This is a collection of poems that she has written over the course of 40 years. The words of this book will help deepen your understanding and appreciation of your connection to the world around you.

My Name is Miss Katydid


Cost $11.99

Have you ever heard of the katydid? No, not the candy. Is your child intrigued with grasshoppers, crickets and other insects? Introduce your little scientist to the "long-horned grasshopper"--the katydid! This is a fun book that will help your child learn about a little known, kid-friendly insect that looks just like a leaf!

There is Purpose in Your Valley


Cost $9.99

"Why do bad things happen to good people?" Have you ever felt lonely, alone, rejected or betrayed? Is your child in trouble? Is your marriage being torn apart? Do you encourage everyone else but have no one to encourage you? Maybe you've been diagnosed with an illness or an incurable disease. Problems in life are inescapable, but for each problem, there is a purpose for the children of God. Learn how and why to be uplifted through your trials. Learn the purpose for suffering along with solutions. Learn to walk through your valleys with a different attitude, with more knowledge and with more power than ever before. Dr. Dowdy reveals the messages in the Holy Scriptures to help you finally understand why "bad things happen to good people". Get ready to soar above your valleys like an eagle and live the abundant life God wants for His children!

Tales of Eastwood


Cost $11.95

With the increase of technology and individualism, the personal wealth and strength of family togetherness: working and eating together, talking and sharing our stories, laughter and fears is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Dr. Arlene Kearns Dowdy explores the mysterious whispers of the trees and the shadows of the tombstones in a community that has been practically hidden, within trees and hills, for more than a century. She offers a sense of the emotions and courage of the youth, as they confront their fears and allows us to discover the amazing strength and endurance of the women and children of this community. Come along, as she strolls through the yards and fields to watch children enjoy fun, free playtime. Through her, we are able to know how the strong fathers interact with their children. These tales bring to life the fun and the laughter of the residents of this enchanting community, Eastwood, North Carolina, past and present.

My Family Stories

My Mother

This is the very first book I created and bought for and about my Mother, Lillian Ruth Jackson Kearns. This is a tribute to her sacrificial love for her family. I didn't know, at that time, that I would actually finish books for publication!

The Delbert and Sarah Jackson Story

This book would be interesting to any relative of Adam and Spander Jackson from the West Indies! The story tells part of the history of Doyle Actor Jackson, Mary Martha Monroe and Lottie Goins (Jim Harrington).  Included are excerpts written by several members of my family to compile the mini-stories of my mother and her siblings.

Mary Lane Jackson

"Aunt Mae, My Angel"

This is a short story about our precious aunty, who has now gone to Heaven. I read this book to her in her room, where she kept it for the rest of her life.